The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.
Nikola Tesla


Tesla Clinics – The new century breakthrought Project

Nowadays clinics all over the world are known for different methodologies, work experiences in certain areas, new scientific surpluses in the field of surgery, etc. Conventional medicine even detects new boundaries, which are entirely unrelated to the physical world but are extremely underdeveloped.

We believe that the future of physical therapy and effect on human body will be more and more known as “Nano world” where there is no limit to the revolutionary methods and other developments associated with the development of nanotechnology applications, which solve only a physical problem.

But what is the next step and what are the future border dimensions? Is this enough for our long-term evolutionary development?

We believe that the humanity needs new achievements in two key areas:

  • Mechanical revitalization of physical body;
  • Biophysical revitalization of psychological state of the system within the physical body.

What is the mechanical revitalization of physical body and how to achieve it?

The mechanical revitalization means eliminating small defects in relation to our everyday bodily habits and could lead to “atrophy” of certain bodily functions and thus to the poor physical condition of the whole body.

We believe that if we can offer a revolutionary new method based on our own discoveries, we could provide harmony between energy balance factor of body (EB +/-) and new food products based on complete organic base riched with minerals, “real” protein and carbohydrates. We believe that the energy balance brings a new food revolution since numerous studies (e.g. Research X300) in the last 25 years have shown outstanding performance in blood circulation, strengtness, endurance and halting of the aging process. Revolutionary results of nutritional discoveries, together with two devices for the revitalization of body cells by restoring the frequency and voltage boxes nucleus (part of the revolutionary technology by Nikola Tesla) has given fantastic results in maintaining top physical condition in an extremely simple way.

What is bio-psychological revitalization of the system within the physical body?

Second and the most important is the revitalization of so called “bio-psychological revitalization”. Convectional science is familiar with the concept of biopsychology, which combines classical psychology and electro-chemical processes within the body. This branch is very important since all of the latest discoveries of conventional science suggest that our mental state is in direct relation to general well-being and physical characteristics of the whole body. The biggest culprit of many psychophysical anomalies in modern life is stress.

But what is the main reason for all the problems and what actually happens to us when we face these problems?

After the discovery of biotechnological sciences relationship between our state of mind and physical condition was proven with research and empirical proof. It has been demonstrated that within the subconscious logic one can influence behaviour of cells, the indirect genetic picture and even influence the characteristics of the DNA!

The founder of biotechnological sciences came up with the discovery that all processes of the body are a reflection of our mental state. This affects cell ageing, which are organized according to our thought processes.
Poor mental state is a direct consequence of one’s perception of the world around and searching for “oneself”, one’s satisfaction, etc.
We believe that poor mental state causes a decrease of certain energy cells (frequency and voltage), which is the breeding ground for disease.

For this reason, based on 10 years of our research of mental dynamics we have discovered how the person can easily but effectively change the logic of thinking, functioning of body and the connection of all living beings within the so called “energy field” in which we are all a part of.
Last 5 years we have carried out numerous studies related to the left-brain hemisphere where we have achieved fascinating results, which are together with mental dynamics being used by top athletes for achieving their results.

For this reason, we have developed a 100% successful methodology, which we combined with the previously described key areas that are suitable for general use in the new clinic, which is planned in the near future.

Antigravity Super Conductor Coil Project

The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.
Albert Einstein

Up to this day there are number of interesting experiments in the field of antigravity devices but unfortunately none were successful. Direction of the research is very interesting since some scientific circles presume that there were successful experiments already in the early 1950’s and that the UFO is actually a product made here on earth. However, the solution of superconductors, magnetic fields and plasma pulse reactor system represent a new era of revolutionary propulsion system that could be used in many industries, even for interstellar travel. The occurrence of antigravity forces are observed anomalies within a room (bending) and time, within the framework of quantum physics and modern theories of these 12 dimensions, the so called connection between strings.

According to the theory and practical experiments of the few world-renowned innovators and scientists we would be able to travel faster than light by “bending” the actual space and time. The result of the latter is 20-70 years old experiments, which are in many ways revolutionary examples. Philadelphia Experiment, Searle Effect Hutchison Effect from which we can derive that the technology is not that unknown and that in some rare cases, it actually works.

We are developing our own version of Antigravity Conductor Super Coil. Some time ago we conducted a series of tests with a Ferro-magnetic fluid and closed magnetic impulse booster where we recorded a larger gravitational deflection. It seems that the discovery of prof. dr. John Searle shows the true deflections of different possible solutions and finding different ideas for superconductors at higher temperatures. Current tests for various amateur attempts can be seen in commercially available version – liquid nitrogen, magnets, ceramics where as other non-commercial versions are not available to general public.

However, testing has shown that the key to success is the superconductor at normal temperatures, which should solve a series of experiments still quite unknown to the public, with elements 112 and 119, plasma pulse and pulse magnetic drive booster.

Magnetic-Kinetic Hydro Generator Project

I happen to have discovered a direct relation between magnetism and light, also electricity and light, and the field it opens is so large and I think rich.
Michael Faraday

Magnetic properties are known worldwide. Less known to the general public are the attempts to use properties of the magnetic field for power units/generators, the so called “free energy”.
Last 60 years, thousands of innovators have dedicated their time to the development of new magnetic generators that would be powered by magnetic field without external power source. Among thousands of experiments there was unfortunately very little success. The ones that stand out are: the Searle effect discovered by prof. dr. John Searle, the so called SEG generator. Then there are the Preened engine and inventions by other innovators from Austria, Italy, Turkey and the USA. Latest development of the NdFeB magnets certainly opens up new possibilities for the eventual success even though the conventional science does not agree.

Solution “passive” exists and the conventional science is vaguely familiar with it. Because of the harmony between industrial capital and strategic interests not a single solution has ever been commercialized.
The fact that energy could be virtually free raises lots of questions, e.g. social issues related to jobs, the development of other conventional devices (e.g. hydroelectric power stations, etc.).

There are solid arguments and practical tests to demonstrate that the commercialization simply does not occur because the “revolutionary” solutions simply do not work well enough.
Some time ago we started our own research in Area 75. We believe that conventional magnets due to the physical conditions and the well-known physical laws do not offer solutions that could be called “Holy Grail” of free energy.

Our efforts have been directed to other forms of pulse reaction, magnetic assemblies, which could provide better solutions especially useful for industrial use. We believe that a solution exists in this segment.
The aim is to create a high-efficiency generator, which will produce more energy in comparison to conventional systems.

Hallo Doctor – eMedicine Project

When all think alike, then no one is thinking.
Walter Lippman

Despite of today’s technological development we are facing queues daily, especially in service organizations and in public institutions. People waiting in queues for a long time and represent a social problem and enormous costs. The goal of the project Hallo Doctor is the development of original solutions, which will enable healthcare organizations in order to solve the problem of waiting lists. The service will be unlike any previous; it will alert people about these queues and their anticipated waiting time.
The project is the implementation of the EU strategy in the field of Telemedicine 2010 and eHealth 2010-2015.

Benefits of eHealth and Telemedicine for patients

  • Reduced waiting periods in waiting room;
  • Self-service appointment booking up to 3 months prior to appointment;
  • Option of preferred time of appointment;
  • Information about the queues and waiting period;
  • Less risk of infection in the waiting room;
  • Real-time information (modification appointment, working hours, blood drives, vaccinations, etc.).

Benefits for health institutions

  • Better control and management of waiting patients;
  • Less burden for the medical staff;
  • Reduced waiting rooms in size;
  • Reports of work inside the doctor’s practice;
  • New information channel between the medical establishment and patients.

Benefits for the economy and local society

  • Reducing employee absence from work in order to visit a doctor;
  • Better control of analysts and statisticians in companies;
  • Individual place in local community; as a result its residents will have the above mentioned benefits. An additional benefit is the lower concentration of traffic in the area of health care institutions and consequently more parking spaces.

Genetic Mathematical Algorithm (GMA)

It’s easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date.
Roger von Oech

Our system is used by the Governments to monitor the broadcasters and individual electronic communications. With GMA software and the special “air to air” system, human errors in monitoring are minimized and automated software process may save enormous costs of manpower. This system is used for the governments’ usage – for the general taxation monitoring.

Multi-Copter Fire Mobile Unit Project

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.
Dr. Linus Pauling

Current conventional solutions for putting out fires are helicopters and airplanes with special fire fighting units. Special units for this task are using specially processed airplanes to fly over the fire and drop off water that is collected inside the tank.
The problem is often the lack of expensive aircraft, pilot’s special skills, distance to the nearest collection point of water (sea, lake) and the time elapsed between collection and drop off.

For a variety of shortcomings, we have decided to develop a completely new device, which is easy to use and affordable to virtually everyone.
The researchers from Area 75 are preparing a new mobile unit capable of transferring one or more metric tons of net weight for shorter distances for automatic fire fighting.

With researchers from Area 75 we are developing a fireproof, reliable and easy to use, system for flying units that is able to carry a special (newly developed) fire extinguishing fluid. Our special liquid the FireStop™ is installed at the bottom of the device. The fire-fighting unit is automatically fly over the particular area and then horizontally releases liquids when necessary. Aviation device is powered by battery cells, which has also a special “parachute” for lifting the warm air.

Together with a special fluid device we provide the necessary and cost-effective assistance in fighting forest fires or other.

Hydro Molecular Algae Receptor – The Project X300

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.
Albert von Szent-Gyorgy

The scientists have investigated within the Area 75 applications of a specific formula for creating new food products, which will form the nutritional solution of the future, perfect by its characteristics and independency of climate change.
Human blood and seawater are surprisingly similar fluids.

It is based on the fact that we all came from the sea – blood of any simple organisms, like crustaceans, is almost identical to seawater. However, seawater is too salty for drinking for any human even though it is normal for gulls or dolphins to drink it. Pure seawater has full circle of microorganisms. That is why salt water has a lot of self-cleaning ability. Our research group has found that this biological “power” of seawater can be used in biotechnological applications. E.g. if we mix the flour with sea water (in this case there are quite a few tricks if you want to be successful), obtained from flour – pure starch – we get a kind of dough which contains an abundance of protein. This delicious dietary supplement can be used like tofu cheese. There are several biotechnological applications for production that have the potential to produce in states such as in hard or in liquid form (average use 2-6 months).

During 25-years of laboratory’s research, we have discovered some of the benefits of these products, which can be used in everyday life, using specific but simple manufacturing processes. Three most important applications that are used in practice are as follows below:

Perfect substitute for meat
During our research we have found that this formula adds minerals to the entire physical structure or fully fill in the blank parts of a periodic physical system. With this process in more depth the intestinal micro flora and to a refinement of “Formula’s circle.” It also reduces the feeling of hunger. It was further found to stimulate the production of human own vitamin C, which is a function of the process in Western man almost, shriveled.

Perfect substitute for plants – organic fertilizer
We realized that the use of organic fertilizer increased microbial spectrum of land on which we could evenly enrich composition of the soil with minerals – allowing plants slurping the entire mineral spectrum.

Perfect substitute for sports and patient development programs
(Sports programs, anti-aging programs, skin softener programs, detoxification programs of sugar addicted patients)

Today’s group of volunteers, at average age of 55 years, with regular use of Formula’s – taking into account the calculation of the EB and the established factor – after more than 20 years we have seen significantly milder signs of an aging such as: vision, muscle shrivelling, psychophysical condition / response, the level of oxygen in blood, and heart rate on the load, digestive capacity, skin elasticity and high resistance to diseases. According to our calculations we predict that the average lifespan of volunteers should be between 110-120 years.

T-RAY Scan System Project

Great discoveries are made accidentally less often than the populace likes to think.
Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen

We will perform prototype of portable real time, brain scanning T-ray imaging system. The scanner and detector system provide part of the functionality of a medical care treatment.

The imaging system provides a portable sensing, computing and data communications device. The objectives of detection are biological phenomena such as increased blood flow around tumorous growths.

T-ray imaging scanners perform fast wireless data communication to transfer a high volume of information on the measurements. Compution is based on cloud computing system. The result is 3D-visualisation of human body and fluids dynamics in micrometer resolution.

The T-ray portable imaging system should interact with brain mapping system and multichannel EEG and EKG devices.

T-rays are waves in the far infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Such waves are already in use in airport security scanners, prototype medical scanning devices and in spectroscopy systems for materials analysis.

T-rays can sense molecules such as those present in cancerous tumors and living DNA, since every molecule has its unique signature in the THz range. They can also be used to detect explosives or drugs, for gas pollution monitoring or non-destructive testing of semiconductor integrated circuit chips.

Software development
We developed parallel algorithm on multiple GPU platform solving time-space transformation of scattered EM (electromagnetic waves).
The algorithm is applied to front-end FM (frequency modulated) CW (continuous waves) T-ray (Terrahertz) imaging system. The real time algorithm perform sub-lambda geometry detection of EM wave propagation as described by Maxwell oscillating electric and magnetic field. The hyperspace transformation of EM field is determined with Helmholtz-Hodge vector field decomposition principle.

High-performance computing algorithm control analog front-end acquisition of T-ray signals with FPGA and ARM embedded processing architecture. FPGA architecture perform signal conditioning gain of targeting frequency bandwidth with decomposing clutter and noise.
While ARM embedded technology perform time-frequency analysis with adaptive non-uniform extended FFT.

Current level of THz detection allows us to propose portable real time, brain scanning T-ray imaging system. With nano-antennas array system of terahertz emission we could enhanced 50 μm resolution to 1 μm resolution.
Enhancement should be visible on fluid dynamics detection. Detection resolution of static geometry will increase volume visualization performance.

List of applications for medicine


Vessel 3D mapping (vessel detection)

  • Numerical modelling;
  • Fluid structure interaction;
  • Biot dynamic porous model coupled wait Navier-Stokes solution;
  • Myocardial detection (3D Myocardial infarction diagnosis);
  • Stent structure (detection);
  • Clot decomposition (detection).

Dental topography solution

  • Detection of micro crack in the implant region;
  • Adaptive dynamical modelling of jaw with implants.


  • Detection of contact area of bones joints;
  • Spine structure detection.

Brain scanning tomography

List of applications for industry


Muti-Thin Layer detection (paper, automotive, textile, composite, electronics, etc.)

  • Composite and Nano materials;
  • Fibre structure detection;
  • Density structure detection.

Surface detection with automatically beam scanning (distance control from 10-50 cm). Integration to currant or autonomous robotic system.

Diagnosis control system: 2D planar and 3D volumetric surface detection.

Scent Generator Classic

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.
Albert Einstein

In our laboratories, a unique device called SCENT GENERATOR (SG-01) has been developed. With this device we can disseminate the scent of original essences and influence the wellbeing of all people in the room. The device represents the added value to the economy, as well as to various organizations, which are devoted to research in areas such as stress, depression, hyperactivity, harmony of living, etc. Everybody wants to feel comfortable as possible in his or her working or living place. With no exceptions, everybody wishes for something special. Sometimes it proves rather difficult to surprise our guests, business partners, friends or other people with special colors, plants or fish tanks, various ceramics, metal or other accessories. It seems particularly problematic, because people are different – it is difficult to find something that everybody likes. Nevertheless, we do have something in common – we wish that a person in our place feels relaxed, comfortable – in short, that he/she remembers it as something special and pleasant. A unique device Scent generator that provides a full comfort to us all.

About the Scent generator Classic

  • This is the first device where, without changing the state of matter of special essence molecules, the atoms of the essence bind with the atoms of oxygen in the room, which awakens or stimulates certain senses in people. The reaction is transferred through sense organs and the nervous system to specific brain centers, which according to the new perception, issues a new command to body. This may result in a change of mental focus, muscle relaxation and breathing more evenly, which is perceived as a feeling of comfort;
  • When a nose senses the scent, it in the form of chemical information travels directly into limbic system – a mysterious, primeval left hemisphere of the brain that contains the key to our feelings of desire, perception and imagination. The result is immediate: when we smell, we feel;
  • Brains do not analyze this feeling, but only permanently save our feeling that we remember for a very long time if not forever. For example, the smell of blossoming meadows, sea, forests, flowers, school books, classroom, workplace, etc. In this area has the smell a major advantage over the hearing or vision, which in our memories quickly fades and therefore is difficult to retrieve from the memory after a long time – unlike the smell, which we can rapidly remember or even re-live it with all the primary emotions (excitement, pleasant atmosphere etc.);
  • The scent influences our brains directly. At the perception brains do not recognize the scent, they assess and analyze the perception, as the other senses do. The pulse is changed into the immediate sense-information (do we feel comfortable or not) that we excellently remember, no matter what we do at that specific moment;
  • The result is a noticeable improvement in overall well-being, which usually happens within the first few seconds, when we enter into the place, in which the device operates; however, with longer contact the effect intensifies;
  • The reason for this prominent beneficial impact on people is in a special combination of carefully selected original essences, which were developed based on years of experience in cooperation with experts. This is an ideal combination of ingredients, which have an optimal effect on improvement of well-being;
  • Numerous scientific studies have confirmed a positive impact on people. After all, this is considered one of the key competitive advantages that is used for the acquisition and retention of the customers by the most eminent companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony, BMW, Lexus, Nike, Disney, Pepsi, etc;
  • The reason for the improvement in well-being is in our body’s specific reactions to external stimuli, which occurs automatically and unconsciously in the so-called brain receptors of anyone, who enters the room in which the Scent generator operates;
  • Tests show that the device Scent generator has a beneficial effect on almost 100% of people, who come into contact with it. It can be used in commercial premises, offices, hotels, bars, fitness and wellness centers, shops, casinos, hairdressing salons, etc. In short, wherever we want to improve the well-being of employees or to affect the customers so that they will feel better and stay longer in the place, which is crucial in some business situations.

More About The SG Device? Please visit: scentgenerator.com

Scent Generator Intuition

There’s a way to do it better
– find it.
Thomas Edison

Scent generator Intuition is intended for home use or for usage in smaller places (offices, lobbies, shops, restaurants, etc.).

The device is designed with a vision of “BACK TO THE NATURE” – an ancient folk process of continuous exposure to selected natural extracts, which have a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being. Now is available as a device for home use: through wonderful scents you will be exposed to “enriched air”, fortified with 100% natural essences that will affect you beneficently … continuously, day after day.

With this device each time you breathe you will enter into your body specific original molecules of natural essences, which through brain receptors affect the consciousness and through the “back door” (without the assent of the mind) the subconscious. After entering the body the molecules immediately begin to work towards increasing harmony in the physical and psychological level. Furthermore, you can also choose what effect you want: improved general well-being, relaxation, concentration, increased inspiration … every essence produces a specific outcome.

Do you remember how you felt in the middle of blossoming, scented nature? For example, in the middle of the spring meadow … the sprouting garden … near Mountain Lake or under the pine trees on the coast? This special feeling is related to several factors: the negative ions, which are in abundance in nature, with an increased concentration of oxygen or ozone and with natural essences, with whom the air is saturated. Negative ions and ozone can be indoors artificially created by various devices. Much greater problem represents the entry of genuine natural essences, because it is necessary to maintain the original structure of the molecule.

Scent generator Intuition operates in a manner of simulating the natural circulation of essences in nature – with the preservation of authentic molecules as well as with the exact imitation of natural processes of air circulation, such as those found in nature. Special bottle, whose contents are sprayed into the air, contains only 100% natural essences and transmit them into the place by the principle of cold dispersion, which means no heating, no electricity and other “classic” (unnatural) processes, thus also without the aid of pressure or a pusher gas. Through the effects of aerodynamic laws Scent Intuition stimulates essences to fill the place in the same way as it happens outdoors. The result is that the essences retain their original effects. Therefore, the penetration of essences in people happens exactly in the same way as in nature: at a sufficiently high concentration, when we breathe, we enter them through the cerebral left hemisphere and the lungs, and then the body mechanisms regulate the absorption. Since Scent Intuition simulates natural environment, we can have it turned on day and night, without any adverse effects. In fact, certain essences are intended to stimulate beneficial effects in the night time, because then the body functions differently.

Scent Intuition: wake up “the internal healer” and improve well-being with beneficial natural essences.

A true picture of intensity you will get if you leave the room for at least 5 minutes and then return. If you are longer in a place where Scent Intuition works, you will eventually lose the perception of scent. It is similar to when we do not smell the scent of our perfume soon after we sprayed it on. Therefore, do not forget that despite the weak perception of scent the place can already be richly saturated with beneficial essences. The measure for regulating the intensity of activity should not be (strong) scent, but your mood. To regulate the intensity of the device by scent, you should adjust it as soon as you enter into the room – or as soon as you turn the device on – as long as you are not yet accustomed to the scent or immune to it.

Scent Generator Climate

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.
Anthony Jay

In our laboratories SCENT GENERATOR (SG-02) was developed, which enables us to disperse randomly any of the selected scents of original essences, which influence the well-being of the user.

Scent generator Climate is an innovative device intended only for professional use for hotels, casinos, lecture rooms, business premises, waiting areas, shopping centers or for any larger facilities that are heated, cooled or cleaning air through air channels or air-conditioning systems. The device is simple to use. Just put it in the filters’ area in air-conditioning system, connect it to the main power system and it works. Scent from Scent generator Climate with the help of air-conditioning system spreads scent of essences throughout the whole system and places connected to it.

The device is specifically designed to operate 24/7
 and has its own control system (overvoltage, calibration, etc.).

Scent generator Climate, due to high quality of the used materials, ensures long working life and does not require any special care. The device works in combination with original essences, which are prepared from natural plant extracts and technically perfect transmitter (metal panel) and thus it provides features that certainly beneficially effect well-being of people.

Scent Generator Car

The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions.
Anthony Jay

AU100612 Research

We are first in the world that we are successfully managed to develop and test a new system for the early vitality of body cells in driving performance. The system consists of cylindrical accelerator molecules of compounds of essential oils and natural essential oils compounds or those so called “sourcing” essences ES3575.

The purpose of the research is to demonstrate and it is empirically proven that with modern technology and precise processes we are successfully able to increase the concentration and reaction torque left cerebral hemisphere and indirectly provide greater concentration in driving performance and also to increase better responsiveness of physical motor skills.

Scent Generator Animal Project

To have a great idea, have a lot of them.
Thomas Edison

Research AN0100612

We are first in the world that we are successfully managed to develop and test a new system to reduce the mortality of animal husbandry. The system consists of device-diffuser accelerator or cylindrical molecules of compounds of essential oils and natural essential oils compounds or so called “sourcing” essences ES3569.

The purpose of the research is to demonstrate and it is empirically proven that with modern technology and natural processes we are successfully able to influence on the animal reaction on their stressful situation and also indirectly reduction of overall mortality of animal husbandry at least 70%.

Scent Generator Sport Project

You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Research AN0100612

We are first in the world that we are successfully managed to develop and test a new system for the early vitality of body cells for athletes. The system consists of cylindrical accelerator molecules of compounds of essential oils and natural essential oils compounds or those so called “sourcing” essences ES3544.

The purpose of the research is to demonstrate and it is empirically proven that with modern technology and precise processes we are successfully able to increase the concentration and reaction torque left cerebral hemisphere by the controlled addition of oxygen atoms droplets and indirectly to improve motor skills and overall reaction concentration in performing activities.