I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.
Bill Gates


General Description of PRC Institute Lab Projects

Inside the Area 75 we have the entire Scientific-Research team with best biotechnologists, scientists, engineers, physicists and mathematicians that will be working on development of new products in specific industry groups.

Our team of scientists is researching and exploring a range of options for completely new innovative products in the industry.

PRC Institute research activities cover the following fields:

1. Engineering sciences and technologies;

2. Natural sciences and mathematics;

3. Natural resources (mineral and energy raw materials, water);

4. Ecology;

5. Biochemistry and molecular biology;

6. Biotechnical sciences;

7. Economics;

8. Chemistry;

9. Waste.

PRC Institute researches and projects are all related to innovations. Due to rapid economic development and the maintenance of competitive advantage, investments in innovation are crucial. Only knowledge and the ability to innovate ensure a long-term competitive advantage. The main Institute’s objective is research and innovation to seek synergies and cooperation aiming to achieve a critical mass of knowledge, experience personnel, business ideas and financial sources.