We care for the Environment. We don’t support the advance of exploitation of any form.
BHRI Institute


Vision Statement

Vision of the PRC Institute is co-creation of modern society of higher consciousness, where individuals live a more contented, qualitative and healthier life with higher awareness of themselves, of others and of the Nature.


Environment Statement

We care for the Environment. Colors, materials and processes used in our projects are made of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other future standards! We are developing new technologies, which prevents or even heals natural processes. We are seeking out new technologies, which can improve or make World more environmental friendly and in higher coexistence with the Nature.

We don’t support the development of any type, form or means that interfere with the natural development of the planet Earth and its populace.


Mission Statement

We invest our energy and resources into technologies that characterize practical and evolutionary progress for mankind or help people to a faster personal growth, development or enhancement of positive energy, consciousness and confidence in a better future for mankind. We also support new and innovative projects for progress and growth of families and individuals that need help. This includes helping the growth of local society.

We don’t support development of new weapons or devices that improve military techniques or equipment, new possibilities for advancement in the military use of energies or psychological technologies for the purpose of subjection in any form.